Don’t be boastful

“Be humble instead of being boastful of the things you have. Remember, there are no things that are permanent to this world, so eventually, they will crashed into pieces. ”


Don’t let jealousy mislead you

“Anger and Anguish. If you can’t control your feelings then what do you think will happen to your life? It is like you’re into a relationship. You saw your boyfriend talking with some other girls, you then, walk towards his direction where he is standing by, talking and laughing with some other girls. Without any seconds, you slapped him really hard which made other girls ‘awed, ‘ you told him horrible things and ashamed him by yourself and do you know what’s the saddest part? That was you broke up with him without an explanation. Don’t conclude nor do impulsive actions without imagining the outcome of it. Try to talk first and let him look through your eyes while explaining because that is one of the positively way of knowing your boyfriend’s bad deeds. 


Silently inspired | Althea